She did a thing! | Pink Mohawk Transformation | Julia James Salon, Bethel Park


I’m so excited to share more of these pictures!

For those just tuning in, Heather recently found out she has breast cancer. She reached out to me with this idea of going to a salon to create a fun experience since she would most likely end up losing her hair anyway.

I was so touched that she asked me to be there for this. I admire her SO MUCH for taking control and losing her hair HER WAY. And I’m so happy I get to share. I’m sure her positivity and beauty are going to be an inspiration to other women going through the same thing.

Major shoutout to Samantha Glunt, owner of Julia James Salon,
for making Heather’s idea come to life <3
Check out her website HERE!

Each of Heather’s kids got to cut some of her hair off.

Heather’s husband got in on the cutting, too!

Pro at work here!

I think you could say they had just a little bit of fun with the bleach.

Heather’s son got a Mohawk, too!

The girls were so interested in the purple shampoo!

Time for some PINK!

His expression!

Seriously, it was like she was meant to have pink hair all along! She looks AMAZING!

We had a mini shoot right outside on the train tracks so fit the vibe of Heather’s new look.

Breast cancer has nothing on this lady!


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