Engagement: Kindra & Ryan, Schenley Park and Ice Rink


It was cold during Kindra and Ryan’s engagement session at the end of this past January. We’re talking low 20s with a ridiculous windchill. Kindra rocked it with just her shawl and Ryan with just his button-down. All they had to do was look at each and they would start laughing. Talk about the perfect match.

I had never been to Schenley Park before, and I was so excited to check it out. The view of the city was stunning even with the overcast wintry sky. I can’t wait to go back and see what it looks like during the summer.

We then headed inside the ice rink building to warm up, and Kindra and Ryan changed into their Pens jerseys because they are huge fans. The friendly staff at the ice rink let us have it to ourselves for 15 minutes before the next wave of skaters came in. By the way, I had to include the silly ones. They’re my favorites after all, and they’ll show just how crazy funny and awesome these two really are!

I seriously cannot wait for their wedding. It’s going to be at a CASTLE, and I was promised it would be of epic proportions 😉 I have the coolest couples ever!!!

I told Ryan to whisper something in Kindra’s ear. I have no clue what he said, but it did the trick!

I didn’t include it, but after this next image, Kindra had fallen on the ice and Ryan was such a gentleman and wiped her bum off for her!

By the way, coolest hot pink laces.

There was a lot of tongue involved during this session, Ryan’s tongue that is LOL…

… and it worked perfectly to make Kindra laugh!

This next image is one of my favorites from the day!

And here come some silly shots!

Kindra meant business…

But it didn’t last long!

There’s no stopping this guy’s silliness.

Ryan didn’t actually propose here, but he did want to re-enact the moment 😉

After we went back inside, Kindra and Ryan were taking their skates off. Kindra said, “My glasses keep fogging up.” And Ryan replied, “Stop being so HOT!” Hahaha. I love these two.

More engagements to come!



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