Wedding: Tonya & Robert


Who doesn’t love an October wedding? Sure, the weather can be fickle, but it’s exciting when you get those beautiful moments in between the rain. Tonya and Robert were married October 1, 2016. We weren’t sure where the ceremony was going to take place hours before it actually happened, so it’s a good thing we planned for both locations! Even though it rained during the ceremony, we were still able to take some awesome photos on the deck outside the Chartiers Township Community Center afterward.

The day started off early at Twisted Scizzors in Washington, PA, and we headed to the Community Center where we met up with Haley Brown for Tonya’s makeup, and I must say these ladies did an amazing job! While Haley was finishing up, I popped over to Tonya’s grandparents’ house where the guys were getting ready. Let me tell you…two very different experiences! The guys were just hanging out, enjoying homemade lunch and WINE. I wasn’t getting out of there without trying something. It was very obvious how close her grandparents are to them and how much they care about them. I loved being a part of that.

There was a very special moment right before the ceremony, which you’ll see as you scroll down, where Tonya’s grandma pinned Robert’s boutonnière on, and Tonya had placed a small image of Robert’s mom in a charm as a surprise. I know a lot of couples incorporate this idea within their wedding somehow, but words can’t express the emotion I saw in Robert’s eyes when he realized who it was. Meanwhile, Tonya’s grandma was smiling like crazy. I couldn’t stop myself from crying either. And Robert is a tough guy that doesn’t show emotion so easily, but he’s really just a teddy bear. It was a beautiful moment, and one I will never forget.

That was only one of many moments that showed how much these two people love each other. And they both made me feel like an old friend. I just can’t ask for better couples than that! Especially when they send me home with cupcakes and a bottle of wine 😉


These purple calla lilies are simply amazing.

Here comes “the moment!”

There was just no option of not feeling all those happy feelings when I saw Robert’s tears <3

This next image is one of my favorites!!!

Can you tell how obsessed I was with the bouquets?!

These two… an amazing set of grandparents.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that Robert had a secret gift for Tonya, too…

…it was “truck!” Good job, Robert!


Tonya and Robert, once again, thank you so SO much for having me. It was truly an honor to be a part of your day, to get to know your grandparents, and to make some amazing memories. I wish you many happy years to come.



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