Engaged: Marlee + Jeremy


Marlee and Jeremy are getting married tomorrow!!! 

I first met Marlee and Jeremy at a previous wedding. They were both part of the bridal party, and when they reached out for me to do their wedding photography I was really excited. They are so sweet and fun to be around! 

We took their engagement pictures last winter. Marlee had shown me this gorgeous green dress she was going to get and we knew we needed snow for it to pop. We kept hoping and hoping for the weather to cooperate, and finally we got enough snow for an awesome wintry look. Plus, Marlee made these AMAZING cookies for me. You know they were good if I’m remembering them months later! Their dog, Kato, was so cute, too, and super friendly and will be making an appearance at the wedding along with their newest addition, Finn. 

Enjoy <3


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